Saturday, June 23, 2012


Well, I'm here! 

This first week has flown by and sometimes I still can't believe that I'm in England! Although today's excursion did help solidify reality. However, I'll break up this week into three postings: Manchester, The Dig, and Darling Little Lincoln. Just because a lot has happened this week!

The flight into Manchester was as smooth as I could have hoped for and my first hostel experience was actually quite enjoyable (minus the obnoxiously loud door). I arrived in Manchester on the morning of Saturday the 16th and spent that day and the next morning wondering around the town aimlessly, basically just wasting time until I was to take the train to Lincoln. Manchester was not my 'idea' city, but they did have some neat sites. First was Picadilly Gardens, which was cute and had some locally prepared foods for sale in a mini-farmers market type set up, but my favorite was the cathedral.

Side entrance to the Manchester Cathedral

View from the front of the cathedral

It was just so green! I'm really enjoying this damp weather; its only miserable when it's combined with a fierce wind. But in these areas, it's moist for so much of the year that it turns everything green, including parts of the buildings. 

The train from Manchester to Lincoln was fun! I was able to see the English suburbs and farmlands that I would have missed otherwise. It was a nice little peak into everyday life.


Old stone walls

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