Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wait, it's Thursday?! I thought it was still 2011...

So the day has arrived. My list of last minute to-do items has been finished (pack the kitchen, sort through required documents, take the cans under the sink to recycling, sign my passport...). With everything laid out on my bed, I thought "Oh yah, no problem. This will all fit! It'll be a breeze!" 

Famous last words...

Miraculously, I was able to barely close the suitcase while only removing minimum items that I told myself I'd be OK without. 

I would have normally just gone with two suitcases (one check-in and one carry-on). However, I'll be traveling for a couple days before the school starts and four days after it ends, and who wants to lug around that much stuff from train to train? Even if I could manage to carry it all, it would not be pleasant. Therefore I am mentally preparing myself for the woman behind the check-in counter to say "Your bag is too heavy." 

I could always wear my hiking boots on the plane, put on a couple sweaters and carry the extra books in my backpack. I'll look like quite the goof, but it'll save me $70!

By 11AM tomorrow I'll be leaving on a jet plane, but I promise, I will be back again :)

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